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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Jade Furuta and welcome to Portuguese weekly words. Today’s theme is… Mammals. Okay let’s go! Vamos!
cabra “goat” Oh I love goats, they are so cute! Every time I see a goat especially a baby goat, I try to touch them but they run. I will not give up.
Os bebês de cabras são tão bonitinhos!
Os bebês de cabras são tão bonitinhos!
The baby goats are so cute!
cachorro “dog”
Quando eu era pequena, eu tinha um cachorro chamado "preto".
When I was little, I had a dog called "preto". Preto means “black.” He was a very smart dog. He could even sit like this. Yeah, I miss you Preto. Saudades, I miss you.
camundongo “mouse”
Eu nunca vi um camundongo na minha vida.
I've never seen a mouse in my life.
It’s true. I don’t really want to see one actually. No, not really.
castor “beaver”
It kind of sounds like Bieber, like a Bieber fan. A Beaver.
Eu também nunca vi um castor.
Eu também nunca vi um castor.
I have never seen a beaver either.
cordeiro “lamb”
Eu quero ter um cordeiro de estimação. Eu quero ter um cordeiro de estimação.
I wanna have a lamb as a pet. Because they are so cute. Muito bonitinho! So cute!
Acabou! The end. How was your class? Did you enjoy it? I hope so. I enjoyed myself very much and I am looking forward to see you next week. Um beijo, tchau!
You are the best!

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