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Lesson Transcript

Oi gente, tudo bem? This is Jade Furuta and welcome to Portuguese weekly words. Today’s theme is... Cooking. Umm I started cooking recently trying to eat healthy.
carne de boi “beef.” A lot of times we just say carne and we already know we are talking about beef but if it’s pork, then we would say carne de porco.
Eu só como carne de boi uma vez por semana.
I only eat beef once a week.
frango, frango “chicken” frango “chicken” Umm
Eu gosto de comer frango grelhado. É muito saudável.
Eu gosto de comer frango grelhado. É muito saudável.
I like to eat grilled chicken. It's very healthy.
bolo “cake”
Oh my god, I love cake. I love Brazilian cake. If you haven’t tried, you need to try it because it’s amazing!
Eu amo bolo de chocolate brasileiro.
I am getting hungry just by talking about it. I love Brazilian chocolate cake, I really do.
ingrediente, ingrediente “ingredient”
Está faltando ingrediente para fazer o bolo. Está faltando ingrediente para fazer o bolo.
There's an ingredient missing to make the cake.
Yes, I wish there was someone baking this cake for me so much.
pimenta-do-reino, pimenta-do-reino
pimenta means pepper
pimenta-do-reino means black pepper
Eu gosto de usar pimenta-do-reino quando estou cozinhando.
I like to use black pepper when I'm cooking.
Acabou! The end. Obrigada por assistir. Até semana que vem! See you next week. Beijo, tchau!

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