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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Jade Furuta and welcome to another Portuguese weekly words. Today’s theme is… Fruits. Fruta
abacaxi “pineapple” abacaxi
Have you tried the churrasco Brazilian Barbeque. They also have as a dessert the barbequed pineapple. It’s so delicious!
Eu adoro churrasco de abacaxi.
I love pineapple churrasco.
I already feel hungry now.
damasco “apricot”
Eu nunca vi damasco no Brasil.
I have never seen apricots in Brazil.
Never actually. I see a lot of passion fruit, mangoes, pineapples, watermelon, melons, loads of tropical foods, but I have never seen an apricot before.
melancia “watermelon”
A mulher melancia é muito famosa no Brasil. A mulher melancia é muito famosa no Brasil.
The watermelon woman is very famous in Brazil.
melão “melon” melão
Melão doce no Japão é muito caro.
Sweet melon in Japan is very expensive. Yeah it’s true.
uva “grape“
Suco de uva é mais gostoso do que vinho. Suco de uva é mais gostoso do que vinho.
Grape juice is more delicious than wine.
Acabou! The end, I hope I didn’t make you too hungry and you enjoyed our class today and see you next time! Tchau!
That’s actually very similar to my family name which is Furuta. When I was a kid in Brazil, the kids used to pick on me a lot because of my name. So they used to call me “Fruta” but guess what, now it’s all good and this thing, people think it’s cool. So….


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Abacaxi. It stuck in my head because somebody kept messing up and saying "Abash aqui" which is NOT pineapple.