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Lesson Transcript

Hello everyone, this is Jade Furuta, and today we are doing Portuguese weekly words. Let’s start.
This week theme is the weather.
Ensolarado means “sunny”
Hoje está ensolarado. Today is so sunny.
Fresco, “cool”.
You can say fresco for cool weather or you can say fresco for vegetables, meat. It means fresh, cool.
Eu gosto de abacaxis frescos. Abacaxis means pineapple, so I like fresh pineapples, Eu gosto de abacaxis frescos.
Nublado, it means “cloudy”.
Hoje o tempo está nublado.
Tempo means time or weather. Today is cloudy,
Ventando means it’s “windy”.
Hoje está ventando. Ontem estava ventando. Today is windy. Yesterday it was windy.
relâmpago, “lightning”.
Olha esse relâmpago, meu Deus! Look at this lightning, oh my God!
Thank you for watching our weekly words today. I hope you enjoyed it and I hope to see you next time. Today’s theme was the weather, o tempo, and remember those new words, alright? Beijo!


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Sunday at 06:30 PM
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Which word do you like the most?

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Friday at 06:15 PM
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Hi William,

Thank you for leaving the comment!

Just a few notes:

"I like the phrase..." is "Eu gosto da frase..." or "Gosto da frase..."

Before the feminine singular noun “frase” (phrase) we need to use “da” (contraction of the preposition “de” plus the feminine singular article “a”). Please also don’t forget to use the accent in the word “é” here: "...porque é verdade.".

If you have any questions, please let us know.



Team PortuguesePod101.com

Monday at 02:59 AM
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Gosto de frase "Eu gosto de correr em dias nublados" porque e verdade.


Sunday at 09:06 PM
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Hello Jaimie,

Thank you for posting.

We use "mas" in Portuguese meaning "but". For checking vocabulary, please see our Portuguese Dictionary:


Let us know if you have any questions.



Team PortuguesePod101.com

Thursday at 04:01 AM
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Eu gosto de tempo fresco.

Hoje está nublado mais ontem estava ensolarado.

Na Florida tem muito relâmpago.

Estava ventando durante a tempestade.

Alex kenner Mori
Monday at 07:32 AM
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All these videos repeat of others videos in your website called LEARNING PATHS? or these videos are others?

Friday at 10:03 PM
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Olá Tomei,

Thank you for your message.

Que bom que está gostando das aulas!

It's great that you're enjoying the classes!

We're very glad for it.

If you have any doubts, please let us know. :wink:


Team Portuguesepod101.com

Friday at 12:08 AM
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I like this video lesson. You are easy to follow and understand.:smile:

Sunday at 05:57 PM
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Hello Raul,

Thanks for your message.

An -r at the beginning of a word makes a [h] sound like in "house". In Spanish the "j" sound is similar (as for the words "José" and j (jota).

Here's a lesson about Portuguese Pronunciation to help you practicing even more:




Team Portuguesepod101.com

Raul Rosario
Sunday at 11:01 AM
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So is the "R" in relampago pronounced as the spanish "J"?

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Friday at 11:14 AM
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Hi rodney,

Thank you for posting.

We just verified and the English subtitles are complete during the whole video.

Please, let us know which subtitles are you referring to, email us to: contactus@PortuguesePod101.com



Team PortuguesePod101.com