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Monday at 06:30 PM
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Olá, PortuguesePod101 listeners! Do you have a cell phone? If so, what do you use it for? Could you live without it? Leave us a post and tell us all about it!

Tuesday at 12:57 AM
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Hi Jaimie,

We usually say "ligar" as "to call" (by phone), for example:

"Você pode me ligar mais tarde?" ("Can you call me later?")

"Ele ligou hoje, mas você não estava em casa." (He called today, but you weren't home.")

"Chamar" is more used in other contexts. An example would be as to shout someone’s name:

"Eles chamaram o seu nome duas vezes, mas você não estava na sala de espera." ("They called your name twice, but you weren't in the waiting room.")

Hope this helps! For more details, please check out our http://www.PortuguesePod101.com/myteacher



Team PortuguesePod101.com

Monday at 06:51 AM
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Eu uso meu celular para estudar português e ouvir música. Também para facebook y correios. Eu não uso para ligar.

What is the difference between ligar and chamar? - Thanks

Sunday at 03:29 PM
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Olá Zhuldyzay,

Thank you for your message.

Please check out our grammar point on demonstrative pronouns:


We use “esta” (this, feminine) or “este” (this, masculine) to refer to things close to the person speaking and “essa” (that, feminine) or “esse” (that, masculine) to refer to things close to the person being spoken to.

Regarding your second question, in the dialogue we have: "Não, quero esse mesmo."/"No, I want that one.",the speaker uses this structure to confirm what he wants in a casual form. It's a very common way to say that. But to confirm that "I want to buy that mobile phone." you can use your suggested sentence. 👍

Let us know if you have any questions.



Team PortuguesePod101.com

Saturday at 10:31 PM
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second question. can I say "quero comprar esse celular"? why it is written"quero esse mesmo", sounds a little bit strange because "mesmo" corresponds to "the same".

Saturday at 10:01 PM
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I was thinking that in english "that" corresponds to "aquele, auqela", neabwhile "this" corresponds to "este, esse (depending how close the obkect to person who speak"

it is not so?

Saturday at 06:05 PM
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Hi William,

Thanks for posting!

Here's the link to choose your course plan:


There are 3 options (prices as shown today, Nov 26th, 2016):

Basic - USD 4 per month

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Premium plus - USD 23 per month

Each subscription mode has extra features that can be accessed, for example, in Premium PLUS Subscription there is Professional Assessment, Personalized Learning Program and 1-on-1 Instruction additionally to all the features of the Premium Subscription.

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If you have any questions, please let us know :)


Team Portuguesepod101.com

William Levan
Thursday at 06:26 AM
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How much will the program cost me after the 7 day subscription expires.

PortuguesePod101.com Verified
Thursday at 05:56 PM
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Oi Carole,

Parabéns! Para falar a verdade, o seu texto está muito bom!

Os smartphones de agora são muito úteis! E você parece usar todas as funções possíveis!

Também estou orgulhosa de você, por se esforçar tanto para aprender português e japonês. :smile:

Se tiver qualquer dúvida, é só perguntar!


Team PortuguesePod101.com

Thursday at 11:09 AM
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Sim, eu tenho um celular. É um iPhone. Eu o uso para chamar pessoas, ouvir os podcasts de portuguesepod101 e de japanesepod101, ouvir as minhas musicas portuguesas e japonesas, e usar aplicativos para estudar os meus flashcards. Eu também tenho ebooks (kindle/iBooks app) e livros audio em as duas línguas no meu iPhone. Também posso usar a função de rádio para ouvir a estação "Os Portugas Radio", que tem música tradicional portuguesa. Às vezes eu uso o aplicativo de televisão da RTP para assistir seus programas.

O meu celular é o meu amigo de estudo! Eu não tenho nem livros (ebooks ou livros audio) nem músicas em inglês!

This was really hard to write. I bet it's chock-full of errors :sob: But hey, practice makes better (no, not perfect.)