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Lesson Transcript

Braden: Welcome to Basic Boot Camp. This five-part series will help you ease your way into Indonesian.
Thássia-: Boot Camp? That sounds scary.
Braden: It sounds scary but it won't be.
Thássia-: That’s right! The purpose of these Basic Boot Camp lessons is to give you an overview of Brazilian Portuguese. The big picture.
Braden: Exactly. Simple, interesting, and easy to understand explanations with direct comparisons to English.
Thássia-: We'll go over all the basics that will really help you understand Brazilian Portuguese much quicker and easier.
Braden: In this first lesson, you'll learn how to introduce yourself, which is something you'll do often.
Thássia-: That's right. We'll be listening to a conversation between two people meeting for the first time.
Tom: Oi. Eu sou Tom Gibson. Prazer em conhecê-la.
Luciane: Eu sou Luciane Santos. Prazer em conhecê-lo.
English Host: Let’s hear the conversation one time slowly.
Tom: Oi. Eu sou Tom Gibson. Prazer em conhecê-la.
Luciane: Eu sou Luciane Santos. Prazer em conhecê-lo.
English Host: Now let’s hear it with the English translation.
Tom: Oi. Eu sou Tom Gibson. Prazer em conhecê-la.
Braden: Hello. I am Tom Gibson. It's nice to meet you.
Luciane: Eu sou Luciane Santos. Prazer em conhecê-lo.
Braden: Hello. I am Luciane Santos. It's nice to meet you.
Braden: Quite a few things can happen in Brazil when you meet new people.
Thássia-: That's right. Some will simply nod their head while others will come and hug you while kissing you three times on each side of your face.
Braden: And of course, the traditional handshake.
Thássia-: Of course.
Braden: So how will I know what to do?
Thássia-: Just do what they do. If they hug you, hug them back; if they kiss your cheeks, kiss theirs; if they shake your hand, shake it back.
Braden: Nice.
Thássia-: Just remember to smile. Meeting new people in Brazil is fun.
Braden: Let's take a look at the vocabulary for this lesson.
: The first word we shall see is:
Thássia: oi [natural native speed]
Braden: hello, hi
Thássia: oi [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Thássia: oi [natural native speed]
: Next:
Thássia: eu [natural native speed]
Braden: I
Thássia: eu [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Thássia: eu [natural native speed]
: Next:
Thássia: sou [natural native speed]
Braden: am
Thássia: sou [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Thássia: sou [natural native speed]
: Next:
Thássia: em [natural native speed]
Braden: in, on, at
Thássia: em [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Thássia: em [natural native speed]
: Next:
Thássia: prazer [natural native speed]
Braden: pleasure
Thássia: prazer [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Thássia: prazer [natural native speed]
: Next:
Thássia: conhecer [natural native speed]
Braden: to know
Thássia: conhecer [slowly - broken down by syllable]
Thássia: conhecer [natural native speed]
Braden: Let's have a closer look at the usuage for some of the words and phrases from this lesson.

Lesson focus

Braden: Okay. So, how do we say "hello" in Portuguese?
Thássia-: "Oi." "Oi" can be used any time of the day or night. It's a simple greeting when you meet or see someone.
Braden: But I also hear it used just to get someone's attention, like "Hey" in English.
Thássia-: That's right. It's all about voice tone. If you say "Oi," then it's more like "Hello," but if you say "Oi," then it's more like, "Hey."
Braden: Cool. So, what does "eu" mean?
Thássia-: Good question. "Eu" means "I," as in, "I am tall," and is used in the same way as the English "I."
Braden: In our conversation, this word was coupled with "sou," which means "am," and together they mean "I am."
Thássia-: That's right. This is a simple and appropriate way to introduce yourself in Brazilian Portuguese. The word order is the same as English too, which makes it easier.
Braden: Yes it is. And to complete the phrase, you just insert your name, ""Eu sou
Thássia-." "Thássia-." Brazilians will also normally repeat your name after you say it, kind of like a courtesy. Have you noticed that?
Braden: I have, but they usually don't do it with me.
Thássia-: I bet they don't. Your name is strange to Brazilians.
Braden: He he. (smile) So, this last bit.
Thássia-: "Prazer em conhecê-lo," and "Prazer em conhecê-la."
Braden: Right. Both phrases mean "Nice to meet you."
Thássia-: Yes.
Braden: Are they polite phrases?
Thássia-: Quite. Sometimes people shorten them to just "praze," which is a bit more casual but still appropriate in many situations.
Braden: So, why are there two phrases and why is the only difference an "-a" and an "-o"?
Thássia-: Great question! There are two different phrases because of Portuguese gender agreement. If you are greeting a woman, you would say "Prazer em conhecê-la."
Braden: But if you are greeting a man, you say…
Thássia-: "Prazer em conhecê-lo."
Braden: So, the "-lo" means you are talking to a "man," and the "–la" means you are talking to a "woman." Right?
Thássia-: Right.
Braden: Well, that's easy! So, is it always the same?
Thássia-: What do you mean?
Braden: Let's say I'm in a group and someone is introducing me to each member of the group. Would I still say "Prazer em conhecê-lo," or just "prazer?"
Thássia-: Hmmm. It's hard to say. The best tip is just to do what they do. If they say "prazer," then reply with "prazer." If they say "Prazer em conhecê-lo," you should respond with that. Just go with their rhythm.
Braden: Rhythm! That's important in Brazilian society.
Thássia-: Yes, it is. You know, you could say "Prazer em conhecê-los?"
Braden: What does that mean?
Thássia-: "Nice to meet you," just in a plural sense. You know, for greeting a group as a whole.
Braden: So, when you put an "-s" on the end, it makes it plural.
Thássia-: Yes. It's kind of like saying, "Nice to meet all of you."
Braden: That's what I thought.
Thássia-: Just remember that if the group is all women, then you need to say "Prazer em conhecê-las," because it is a feminine group. If it's all men, or both men and women, you can say "Prazer em conhecê-los."
Braden: Thanks for that...clarification.
Thássia-: Well, how was that? I hope it wasn't too scary!
Braden: I don't think so. It was a piece of cake. Hey, how do you say "piece of cake" in Brazilian Portuguese?
Thássia-: "Mamão com açúcar." Which in English is…
Braden: "Papaya with sugar."


Braden: That just about does it for today.
Braden: Thanks for listening!
Thássia: Bye!


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