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Lesson Transcript

Hi, everyone! Paloma here! Welcome to Top 10 Hardest Words to Pronounce in Portuguese
“avó” grandmother
You need to hear the sound of the last “o” in the syllable. It should be an “open O” as we say in Portuguese. “Avó”
“A minha avó faz um bolo delicioso.” My grandmother makes a delicious cake.
“avô” grandfather
Can you hear the difference between “avó” and “avô”? Here you have a “closed O.” “Avô
“Meu avô era um inventor.” My grandfather was an inventor.
“cachorro” dog
Here you may find the C H (“cho”) and the double R (“fro”) a little different for you.
“O nome do meu cachorro é Toy.” The name of my dog is Toy.
“coração” heart
This word may be hard for you because of the R A (“ra”) and the Ç Ã O (“ção”).
“A minha almofada tem formato de coração.” My pillow is heart-shaped.
“mãe” mother
Here you also have a nasal sound, “mãe.”
“A minha mãe está brava comigo.” My mother is angry at me.
You can also say “mamãe,” which is mommy in English.
“mão” hand
Also here we have a nasal sound - “mão.” Remember to use your nose to say this word.
“A minha mão tem cinco dedos.” My hand has five fingers.
“mulher” woman
“Mulher” has this “lhe,” which is LH. It’s not that hard, right? “Mulher”
“Onde fica o banheiro das mulheres?” Where's the women's bathroom?
“orelhão” payphone
I love this word in Portuguese, because “orelhão” is “big ear”. Because Brazilian payphones look like big ears here.
“Eu não consigo encontrar um orelhão.” I can't find a payphone.
Yeah, everyone has cellphone today.
“quarteirão” block
So here you also have the nasal sound (“ão”), and the R, “quar.” It’s not hard, but you need to practice that to, you know, be more fluent. But if you use the “caipira” accent, it would be “quarteirão,” which is easier for English speakers.
There’s also a Mc Donald’s burger that is called “quarteirão.” It’s really big.
“trabalho” job
So, also you have the R, and the LH here, “tra-ba-lho.” You can also use the word “trabalho” to mean job and work.
“Eu gosto muito do meu trabalho.” I really like my job.
“Eu tenho muito trabalho hoje.” I have a lot of work today.
The end! Fim! That’s it for today! Thanks a lot for watching, and I hope you subscribe to our website and our videos. See you next time! Tchau tchau!