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Oi gente, tudo bem? Eu sou Paloma. Welcome to another Top Portuguese Words! Today's topic is 5 Sentence Patterns for Beginners.
1. Meu nome é [A] "My name is [A]."
Oi. Meu nome é Camila. Qual é o seu nome?
"Hi. My name is Camila. What's your name?"
2. Eu sou [A]. "I am [A]"
Oi, pessoal! Eu sou a Tati. Eu sou professora.
"Hi, everyone! I'm Tati. I'm a teacher."
So you can use eu sou to say your name, but also to say your occupation.
Eu sou Paloma. Eu sou professora.
3. Eu moro em [A(noun)]. "I live in [A(noun)]."
Eu moro em São Paulo.
"I live in São Paulo."
You can use this pattern with most cities, but if you're going to say the country, you need to adjust and add the article. For example, eu moro no Brazil. "I live in Brazil."
4. Eu gosto de [A] (verb or noun) "I like [A] (verb or noun)."
Eu gosto de dançar. "I like to dancing."
Eu gosto de chocolate. "I like chocolate."
A very common mistake that people learning Portuguese make is that they forget to add the de after gostar. Eu gosto de, something something.
5. Que [A(adjective)]! "That's so [A(adjective)]!"
Que legal! "That's so cool!"
Que calor! "That's so hot!"
That's a very nice pattern to know, and you just add the adjective at the end.
Que legal!
Que calor!
Ok, that's all for today, I hope you enjoyed it. And let us know in the comments if there is another survival pattern that you need in Portuguese.
Até a próxima! Tchau, tchau!


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