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Lesson Transcript

Hi everyone, I'm Paloma. Welcome to another Top Words. Today's topic is going to be Top 10 Phrases to Use When You're Angry.
1. Não é da sua conta! "It’s none of your business!"
You can say that to a friend or to a stranger but don't say that to your mom, because she's going to get really really mad.
2. Cala a boca! "Shut up!"
This is also a little rude, so be very careful when you use this phrase.
3. Me deixa em paz! "Leave me alone!"
If there's someone annoying you a lot, you can just say Me deixa em paz, por favor! "Leave me alone, please!"
4. Você tá de brincadeira? "Are you kidding me?"
You can also say - Você tá de brincadeira conmigo?
That would be the same, "Are you kidding me?"
5. Deixa pra lá! "Forget about it!"
If you're talking to someone and once, twice, three times, and the person still don't get it, you can just say - Ai, deixa pra lá! "Oh, forget about it!"
6. Para com isso. "Cut it out. "
Probably your mom would use this phrase when you were little. When I was little, my mom would come and say para com isso. "Stop it," or "cut it out."
7. Eu não quero falar com você. "I don’t want to talk to you."
You might use this phrase if you have a fight with your boyfriend or your girlfriend, and you just say -
Eu não quero falar com você. "I don’t want to talk to you."
8. Que droga! "Shoot!"
Droga actually means "drug" but it's a very common word to say when you're disappointed.
Ai, que droga! "Oh, shoot!"
Eu esqueci a minha carteira. "I forgot my wallet."
9. E daí? "So what?"
I don't care. So you can use this phrase two ways. It can mean E daí? "So what?" And it can also mean "and then?"
So be sure to use the correct intonation.
E daí? E daí? Nananana... something happens.
10. Quem você pensa que é? "Who do you think you are?"
You may complement this sentence by saying
Você não é ninguém. "You're no one."
Ok, that's all for today. Hope you enjoyed it but I really hope you don't need to use these sentences in Portuguese because I don't want you to get angry in Brazil.
Vejo você depois. Até mais! Tchau, tchau!

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