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Lesson Transcript

Oi, tudo bem. Eu sou Paloma. Welcome to Top Portuguese Words. Today’s topic is going to be Top 10 Phrases to Survive at the Station
1. Eu quero ir para... "I'd like to go to..."
- Eu quero ir pra estação da Sé. Como faço? “I'd like to go to Sé station. What should I do?”
- Ah. é só pegar o metrô nesta plataforma mesmo. “Oh, it's easy. Just get the subway on this platform."
Sé is one of the biggest stations in Sao Paulo. It’s where you can make a lot of baldeações, or “changing subways”.
2. Esta é a plataforma para... ? "Is this the right platform for… ?"
- Esta é a plataforma para ir até o metrô Liberdade? “Is this the right platform for Liberdade station?”
- É sim. Eu também vou pra lá. “Yes, it is. I'm going there too."
Liberdade used to be kind of the Japanese town in Sao Paulo but now-a-days, we have a lot of Koreans and Chinese as well. So it’s kind of the Asian neighborhood in Sao Paulo city.
3. Onde faço a baldeação para... ? "Where do I change for... ? "
- Onde faço a baldeação pra estação Jabaquara? “Where do I change for Jabaquara station?”
- Ah, você tem que ir até a estação Sé. “Oh, you have to go to Sé station."
Jabaquara is a very important subway station that is located in the Blue Line. Linha Azul.
4. Onde fica o metrô? "Where is the subway station?"
- Onde fica o metrô Brigadeiro? “Where is Brigadeiro subway station?”
- É logo ali, atravessando a rua. “It's right over there, just across the street."
Brigadeiro is one of the subways located in Avenida Paulista or Paulista Avenue. One of the most important avenues in Sao Paulo.
5. Quanto custa para ir até... ? "How much is it to... ?"
- Quanto custa para ir até a estação da Luz? “How much is it to Luz station?”
- Ah, menos de cinco reais. Não é caro. “Oh, less than five reais. It's not expensive."
In Sao Paulo, the subway ticket has a fixed price. So you can change as many trains as you need and you will always pay the same. But you can also use this phrase to ask in a bus station or even to your taxi driver if you want to have a reference of how much it is going to cost.
6. Este ônibus vai para... ? "Does this bus go to... ?"
- Este ônibus vai pro Shopping SP Market? “Does this bus go to Shopping SP Market?”
- Sim, pode subir. “Yes, come on up. "
If you are looking for a mall in Brazil, you are looking for a shopping. Not that hard right? So you can go shopping at the shopping.
7. Onde é o ponto de ônibus? "Where is the bus stop?"
- Onde é o ponto de ônibus? “Where is the bus stop?”
- Ah, no final da rua, perto da padaria. “Oh, at the end of the street, near the bakery."
It’s very common in Brazil to use shops as reference for giving locations.
For example, na padaria, a bakery or supermercado, supermarket, loja de sapatos, shoe store, floricutura/loja de flores and so on.
8. Que horas vem o próximo ônibus? "What time is the next bus?"
Daqui a uns dez minutos. "In about ten minutes."
Due to the traffic in most areas in Brazil, it’s very hard to give an exact time for the next bus but people waiting at the bus stop may know around how many minutes it’s going to take for the next bus.
9. O ônibus está atrasado. "The bus is running late. "
- O ônibus está atrasado. Será que demora? “The bus is running late. Will it take too long to arrive?”
- Ah, no final de semana demora mesmo. “Oh, on weekends it usually takes longer to get there."
10. Onde tem máquina de recarga de bilhete? "Where are the ticket recharge machines?"
- Onde tem máquina de recarga de bilhete? “Where are the ticket recharge machines?”
- Logo ali. “Over there."
So at Sao Paulo, you can buy a card called Bilhete Unico and it’s actually cheaper than buying one ticket. So if you are staying a long time at Sao Paulo, you might consider that option. That is also for Rio and other cities that have subway in Brazil.
Okay. That’s all for today. Thanks a lot for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. Tchau tchau!


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