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Lesson Transcript

How are you? I am Paloma. Today’s topic is 10 Ways to Say Hello in Portuguese.
1. Oi. "Hi."
Oi is the most common way to say hello in Brazil.
Oi, Oi, tudo bem, e você?
2. Olá. "Hello."
This sounds a little bit more formal that Oi but you can also use it.
Olá, tudo bem?
Just make sure to not confuse it with the Spanish ‘hola’ It’s olá.
3. Quanto tempo! "Long time no see."
So much time, literally.
Quanto tempo! Como você está? “Long time no see, how are you?”
4. Beleza? "What's up? (lit. "Beauty")"
Do you know what Beleza means? It actually means beauty in Portuguese. This is very casual.
So you probably won’t want to use it in a business setting or talking to your professor. Just if he is very close to you. E ai, Beleza? “Hey, what’s up?”
If someone says to you Beleza, you should answer Beleza. You know, Beleza? Beleza! Yeah, everything is beautiful. Beleza? Beleza!
5. Tudo bem? "Is everything fine?"
A very similar sentence is - tudo bem com você? “Is everything fine with you?”
It sounds very similar but it’s usually used to express concern.
For example, if you fall in the street, a stranger may come and say, tudo bem com você, moço? “Is everything fine with you, sir?”
6. Como você está? "How are you?"
This will be the closest translation to how are you in Portuguese but we usually say Tudo bem? Instead of como você está? or como você tá? And if someone asks you como você está? you can say - Eu estou bem or Tô bem.
7. Como foi o seu dia? "How's your day?"
If you want a short answer to this question Como foi o seu dia? You can just say Foi bom, It was good. Or Foi ruim. It was bad.
8. E aí? "What's up?"
This is also very informal. So, don’t say it to someone older than you or in a business context.
E ai, beleza? E ai, mano? Hey, bro?
9. Bom dia. "Good morning."
It’s very common before noon to say Bom dia to everyone you meet. You can say, Bom dia, tudo bem? “Good morning, how are you?”
10. Boa tarde. "Good afternoon."
You can use Boa tarde afternoon up to dark.
Boa tarde, gente! Como você estāo hoje?
“Good afternoon, everyone! How are you today?”

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