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Lesson Transcript

Oi, gente, tudo bem? Eu sou Paloma. Welcome to another Top Portuguese Words. Today’s topic is 10 Gift Ideas You Must Know in Portuguese. Presente.
1. cosmético "cosmetics"
Minha mãe adora ganhar cosméticos de presente. "My mom loves getting cosmetics as gifts."
There are many cosmetics brands in Brazil. The most famous one that you can find in almost every city is O Boticario. You also have Natura and Avon. Those two are sold by a book. So you need to buy from someone that has the magazine and this person is going to order to the company itself. It’s very common to give and receive soaps and moisturizing creams and similar things from those brands in Brazil, especially women.
2. perfume "perfume"
Este perfume é muito suave, adorei! "This perfume is very light; I loved it!"
We say perfume for both women’s perfume and also men’s cologne. You can also say perfume for example, “the perfume of the flower,” o perfume da flor.
3. livro "book"
Você acha que ele vai gostar deste livro? "Do you think he's going to like this book?"
Well, in my family, we like to read. So I really would love to receive a book. Livro. Yeah, it’s also nice or a cooking book. Yeah, it’s very nice. A Brazilian cooking book.
4. colar "necklace"
Que colar delicado. Vou levar este pra minha prima. "What a delicate necklace. I'll give it to my cousin."
My cousin just turned 50 and we actually just gave her a very nice and delicate necklace. You can also give earrings, brincos, pulseiras, aneis.
5. smartphone "smartphone"
Este ano vou comprar um smartphone pro Edu. Ele usa bastante para trabalhar. "This year I'll buy a smartphone for Edu. He uses it a lot for work."
Well, who wouldn’t love a smartphone as a gift. Right? Yeah, you can give me a smartphone too. You can also say celular like cell phone or smartphone to be fancier.
6. videogame "game console"
Meu irmão adora jogos. Com certeza vai gostar de um videogame novo. "My brother loves games. He'll surely like a new game console."
When I was little, video game was very fashionable but now it’s not that much right I think now you have your smartphone, your tablets and you can just play on those instead of buying a game console only for that.
7. dicionário "dictionary"
Já que ela está estudando português, por que você não dá um dicionário de presente? "As she's studying Portuguese, why don't you give her a dictionary as a gift?"
I just got a dictionary myself. Well, it’s not English Portuguese but it’s French Portuguese.
And you, do you have your Portuguese dictionary already? Let us know in the comments. Okay.
8. viagem pro Brasil "a flight to Brazil"
Meus pais me deram de presente uma viagem pro Brasil. "My parents gave me a flight to Brazil as a gift. "
Wow, that will be so nice to get a flight to Brazil, right?
9. flores "flowers"
Que flores lindas! São pra Eliane? "What beautiful flowers! Are they for Eliane?"
My family grows orchid. So I really think that flowers are a good gift for people. You don’t even need to give them a bouquet. That is kind of romantic. You can just give you know, a pot of orchids but yeah, it’s very common to give flowers in Brazil as well, especially for older people, it is a nice gift and it’s not you know the common perfume and cream stuff but it’s something that a person is going to take care and make it blossom again, I think. That’s what I say at the store.
10. chocolate "chocolate"
Estes chocolates caseiros são muito bons. Devia comprar uns pra minha mãe. "These homemade chocolates are so good. I should buy some for my mom."
My mom really, really loves chocolates. So if I see some really nice chocolate, I always remember her and you know, I eat it and think about her. Yeah, I should buy some for her but you know, I buy some for me as well.
The end. That’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you enjoyed it. Let us know in the comments which of those gifts you’d love to receive. See you next time. Até mais! Tchau tchau!