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Lesson Transcript

E aí gente, tudo bom? I’m Paloma! Welcome to Top Portuguese Words. Today’s topic is Top 20 Words You’ll Need for the Beach.
1. óculos de sol “sunglasses”
Preciso comprar um óculos de sol pra nossa viagem pra praia. O que que você acha desse aqui?
“I need to buy sunglasses for our trip to the beach. What do you think about this one?”
2. praia “beach”
Em dezembro a gente sempre passa o Reveillón na praia. É muito bom!
“Every December we spend New Year's Eve at the beach. It's so good!”
Since December is summertime in Brazil, it’s very common to go to the beach during Christmas and New Years.
3. nadar “to swim”
Aprendi a nadar quando eu era pequena.
“I learned to swim when I was a little.”
In Brazil, many people go to the beach, but they don’t really want to go there for a swimming. They prefer to stay there and get some “tan”, bronzear-se.
4. sol “sun”
Eu gosto de sol, mas preciso tomar cuidado pra não exagerar no bronzeado.
“I like the sun, but I've got to be careful not to get over tanned.”
5. palmeira “palm tree”
Por aqui tem muitas palmeiras. É gostoso descansar em baixo delas.
“There are many palm trees around here. It's good to rest under them.”
If you say this word in plural form, palmeiras, this will mean lot of palm trees but it’s also the name of a very famous soccer team in Brazil, Palmeiras, or verdão “green”. I’m not a Palmeiras fan, but if you like this team, just leave in the comments okay?
6. concha “seashell”
Vamos caminhar na praia e pegar umas conchinhas?
“Let's walk on the beach and get some little seashells?”
Especially kids love to do that, walk around and gather a lot of seashells to bring home and remember how great was their beach vacations.
7. canga “beach wrap, sarong”
No Brasil é mais comum levar canga que toalha pra praia.
“In Brazil, it's more common to take a sarong instead of a towel to the beach.”
The canga is like this. This is my canga. It’s like a very light textile, but it’s good because you can dry yourself, you can put it on the beach and lay on it and after when you go out, you can, you know, just wrap around it and make a dress instead of walking in your bikini or your one swimsuit.
8. mar “sea”
Adoro ficar aqui olhando o mar. Mal percebo o tempo passar.
“I love to stay here watching the sea. I barely notice the time passing.”
Ahh, mar. What can you say about the mar? There are many, many beaches in Brazil, many seas that you can go. Most famous ones are the ones in the northeastern part, Nordeste. Also near São Paulo, we have Rio and there is Paraty, Ubatuba in São Paulo. If you go to Santa Catarina, you can go to Florianopolis, that is a very nice city and it has a lot of beaches, very beautiful beaches.
Eu amo o mar. “I love the sea.”
9. jet-ski “jet ski”
Olha! Dá pra passear de jet ski. Vamos? “Look! We can have a jet ski ride. Shall we?”
You can use jet skis in beaches but also it’s common to have them in the rivers or lagoons in Brazil.
10. cadeira de praia “beach chair”
Não esquece de trazer a cadeira de praia pra sua mãe, viu?
“Don't forget to bring the beach chair for your mom, ok?”
Many people have their own beach chairs and also the guarda-sol or “sun umbrella” that you can bring with you to the beach so you don’t have to sit in the direct sun. If you don’t have one, you can usually rent it. Well, of course, you’re not gonna find it in very small or far away beaches, but in the most famous ones, of course, you’ll always find chairs and sun umbrellas for rent.
11. castelo de areia “sand castle”
Quando eu era pequena sempre fazia castelos de areia com meu irmão.
“When I was young, I always made sand castles with my brother.”
Yeah, I really love to make sand castles when I was little, but nowadays, I just, you know, hope that some of my little cousins who comes, I can also make sand castles with them.
12. caixa térmica “cooler”
As bebidas ficam bem geladinhas na caixa térmica.
“The drinks are very fresh in the cooler.”
If you’re planning to stay your whole day at the beach, it’s a very good idea to bring your own cooler full of water and drinks like your beer or your soda or whatever or even eat and put it in a “cooler,” caixa térmica.
13. maré “tide”
Só dá pra chegar naquela praia quando a maré baixar.
“We can only get to that beach when the tide is low.”
When I was a little one, the tide was low so we were able to go walk into a sandbank and then after a few hours, the tides got higher so we couldn’t walk back and I had to now be carried by my dad. So be very careful with the maré, with the “tide”.
14. bronzeado “tan”
Este ano a gente vai pegar aquele bronzeado! “This year we'll get a great tan!”
Brazilians love to get tanned because it means they had time to spend at the beach. You know, it’s so good.
15. água de coco “coconut water”
Água de coco é bom para se manter hidratado. “Coconut water is good to stay hydrated.”
I love, love to get coconut water when I’m on the beach and after you drink all the water, you can ask for the guy to cut it in half so you can eat all that, we call it carne in Portuguese. It’s so good.
16. chinelo “flip-flop”
Adoro este chinelo. É super confortável pra andar na praia.
“I love these flip-flops. They're very comfortable to walk on the beach.”
I just use it every day, flip-flops.
17. filtro solar “sunscreen”
Não esquece de passar bastante filtro solar no rosto, viu? Melhor prevenir do que remediar.
“Don't forget to apply a lot of sunscreen on your face, ok? Better safe than sorry!”
Another form is protetor solar, “sun protector.” Even if you’re not going to the beach, it’s very good to use sunscreen every day because, you know, there are sun everywhere right?
18. biquini “bikini”
Hum... o que achou deste biquini? Lindo né?!
“Hmm...what did you think about this bikini? Cute, right?!”
Brazilians also love bikinis. There are so many colors and shapes and sizes. You can have like colored normal ones, but you can also have like very small ones that most Brazilians like. Bikinis are the two-piece swimsuits for women. If you want the one piece, it’s called maio.
19. sunga “speedo”
Meu irmão só usa sunga. Falei pra ele trazer uma bermuda, mas não quis de jeito nenhum.
“My brother only wears speedos. I told him to bring trunks, but he didn't want to at all.”
It’s funny, but in Brazil, speedos or sungas are still very common. If you go to the beach, don’t get shocked, you’ll see a lot of sungas. But if you want to be more conservative, you can bring your own bermuda or “trunks” or shorts.
20. sorvete “ice cream”
Que delícia este sorvete de melancia! Vou pedir mais um!
“How delicious is this watermelon ice cream! I'm going to order one more!”
If you want a popsicle, you can ask for picole.
The end! That’s all for today. Thanks a lot for watching. What word do you also need for the beach that we forgot? Let us know in the comments! See you next time, take care, Tchau!


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Olá William,

Thank you for posting.

Just a minor note:

"Gosto da palavra "filtro solar" porque é verão aqui."

(I like the word "sunscreen" because it's summer here.)

Before the feminine singular noun "palavra" (word) we need to use "da" (contraction of the preposition "de" plus the feminine singular article "a"). Please also don't forget to use the accent in the word "é" and "verão".👍

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Gosto de palvras "filtro solar" porque e verao aqui.


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Olá Ameka,

Thank you for posting and for your suggestions!

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I want to learn words conrcted to love and relationship.

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I like to be given the list of common words in English being translated to Portuguese, I mean the most used English words and phrases d such as you, me, he, come, go visit, love, am , not, friend, want etc, also, I want to know how to guess and know some Portuguese words and phrases following the similarity of the sound or consonant in English.