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Lesson Transcript

10 Ways to Save the Planet in Portuguese
E aí gente, tudo bom? Eu sou a Paloma. Welcome to another Top Words in Portuguese. Today’s topic is: Top 10 Ways to Save the Planet in Portuguese
1. reciclar "to recycle"
reciclar "to recycle"
Sempre reciclamos o lixo da escola. É uma atitude muito positiva para nós e para a comunidade. "We always recycle the school trash. It's a very positive attitude for us and for the community."
In Brazil we have a lot of “catadores de latinha” or “can collectors” So they just… Do you know that Coke can or any soda can?
They collect all those cans and they bring it to the recycling center, “o centro de reciclagem.” And they sell it. So it’s actually a job. “catadores de latinha”.
Os catadores de latinha reciclam as latas.
“The can collectors recycle the cans.”
2. fazer um mutirão de voluntários "to make a volunteer effort"
Fizemos um mutirão de voluntários para limpar a pracinha do bairro. "We made a volunteer effort to clean the square in the neighborhood."
Fazer um mutirão de voluntários means to gather a lot of people, a lot of volunteers, to do something for the community or for an NGO. For example, to clean the beach, or to clean the square, or something like that.
fazer um mutirão de voluntários
3. reutilizar "to reuse"
Podemos reutilizar os papéis de presente este ano. O que que você acha? "We can reuse the gift wrapping paper this year. What do you think about it?"
You can use both verbs - reutilizar or reusar. They both mean the same thing.
A lot of moms and grandmas like to save the gift wrapping paper in Brazil. So they would open the gift very carefully so they can save the paper and put it on their drawer, and use it in, like… Do you know, that situation where you always need a gift wrapping paper and you can’t find? Yes, go ask your mom, that she’ll have some gift wrapping paper (papel de presente).
4. evitar o desperdício "to avoid waste"
Conservamos os alimentos para que durem mais tempo. Assim evitamos o desperdício. "We preserve food so it lasts longer. This way we avoid waste."
This is one of the easiest ways to save the planet, or to help saving the planet. Because you just need to calculate better how much food you need, so you don’t waste anything. Assim você não desperdiça nada.
5. separar o lixo "to separate the trash/waste"
Em casa separamos o lixo reciclável para coleta especial. "At home, we separate the recyclable waste for special collection."
Usually we include in the recyclable waste, or “lixo reciclável”: plastic “plástico”, bottles “garrafas”, cans “latas”. Yeah, that’s what I can remember.
6. cuidar do meio ambiente "to care for the environment"
Ensinamos as crianças a cuidar do meio ambiente desde pequenas. "We teach children to care for the environment from a young age."
So how can you care for the environment? You could: not throw trash on the ground (street) “não jogar lixo na rua”, plant a tree “plantar uma árvore”, donate to an NGO “doar para uma ONG”, “ser voluntário” to be a volunteer… There are many ways!
7. usar produtos ecologicamente corretos "to use eco-friendly products"
Eu prefiro usar produtos ecologicamente corretos. Por isso sempre uso ecobags para carregar as compras. "I prefer to use eco-friendly products. That's why I always use ecobags to carry groceries."
This phrase is very long: “produtos ecologicamente corretos” eco-friendly products
One example is the ecobag, that you can use to carry your grocery instead of the plastic bags.
In São Paulo city, they are charging for plastic bags, so a lot of people are being forced to use ecobags.
8. proteger "to protect"
É importante proteger os mananciais. "It is important to protect the springs."
Especially in Brazil is very important to protect the springs because most of the water we use comes from there.
9. usar papel reciclado "to use recycled paper"
Usamos papel reciclado para imprimir as atas das reuniões. "We use recycled paper to print the meeting minutes."
Nowadays you can buy normal paper and recycled paper “papel reciclado e papel normal”.
Recycled paper is not cheaper, but many companies prefer to use it because it’s better for the environment.
10. escolher um carro menor "to choose a smaller car"
Escolhi um carro menor porque é menos poluente. "I chose a smaller car because it pollutes less."
You can also choose a “flex car”, “um carro flex” because you can use both alcohol and gasoline on it.
The end! That’s it for today! What’s your favorite way to save the planet? Let us know in the comments! See you next time!
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