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Lesson Transcript

Ei, gente! Tudo bem? Paloma here. Welcome to another Top Portuguese Words. Today’s topic is, Top 10 Phrases Tourists Should Never Use.
1. Que nojo! "Disgusting!"
Nojo means disgust and nojento is the adjective, discussing. So you can say Que nojo or Que nojento.
2. O meu país é muito melhor do que o seu. "My country is much better than yours."
No. Instead of saying that, you should always say,
Eu amo o seu pais! I love your country.
3. Eu preferia estar na minha casa. "I'd rather be back home."
Well, if you are saying that, maybe it’s just better to stay at home.
Instead of this sentence, you should say, Eu não quero mais voltar pra casa. “I don’t want to go home anymore.”
4. Cala a boca! "Shut up!"
Actually you shouldn’t use this sentence in your country or in another country or anywhere. Instead you can say, Eu acho o português muito bonito. “I think Portuguese is very beautiful.”
5. Eu não estou muito interessado na sua cultura. "I'm not very interested in your culture."
Instead you can say - A sua cultura é fascinante! “Your culture is fascinating!”
6. Não gosto de conhecer gente nova. "I don't like meeting new people."
No. Instead of this sentence, say, Eu adoro fazer novas amizades. I love to make new friendships.
7. Vamos comer no McDonald's mesmo. "Let's just eat at McDonald's."
That is so sad to go to another country and have so many flavorful foods to try and just eat at McDonald's.
Instead, you should say, “what is the typical food in here?” Qual é a comida típica daqui?
8. Isso é horrível. "This is awful."
To make this sentence positive, you can say, Isso é maravilhoso! “This is wonderful!”
9. Que tonto! "How stupid!"
You can be more polite and just say, Que diferente! “That’s different.”
10. Vocês não são civilizados. "You people are uncivilized."
Well, that’s like the worst thing you can say to anyone, right?
Okay. That’s all for today. Thanks a lot for watching and let us know in the comments what other phrases you think we shouldn’t use while in a foreign country. Até mais, até a próxima! Tchau!


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Which word or phrase do you like the most?

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Oi Rhoda,

Thanks for the comment!

Yes, we need to respect all cultures, just like we want people to respect ours! ❤️️

Até mais!


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I couldn't agree with you guys more on this topic. Having grown up in a foreign country, it is always very tense when someone starts criticizing food or things like the weather you are used to and like. Most of those comments I have heard in my life.


I wouldn't want to make those same mistakes that I have experienced.