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Lesson Transcript

Bom gente, tudo bem? Paloma here. Welcome to Top 10 Ways to Prepare for Your Travel.
1. escolher o seu destino de viagem "to choose your destination"
A senhora já escolheu o seu destino de viagem? "Ma’am, did you choose your travel destination yet?"
So destino de viagem is destino, “destination” and viagem, “travel”. In a more casual situation, you wouldn’t ask your travel destination. It’s more common to say - Você já decidiu pra onde você vai? “Did you already decide where you’re going to?”
2. comprar um guia de viagem "to buy a guidebook"
Vamos comigo à livraria? Preciso comprar um guia de viagem urgente! "Let's go to the bookstore. I need to buy a guidebook urgently!"
It’s always nice to have a guidebook with you when you go traveling because you have you know in one place all the destinations and places you should visit instead of searching on the internet and maybe you don’t have internet outside your hotel. So you need to be asking around and if you have your guidebook, you can you know by yourself, go around the city and you have your guides, your own guides.
3. economizar "to save money"
Ah, tá tão difícil economizar dinheiro pra viagem! Preciso me esforçar mais.
"Oh, it's been so hard to save money for the trip! I need to make an extra effort for it."
So I have two interesting words in the sentence. Economizar e esforçar-se. Economizar “to save money”; and esforçar-se “to make an effort”.
So if you want to travel, you should make an effort to save money.
Você precisa se esforçar para economizar.
4. comprar a passagem aérea "to book a flight"
Vou comprar a passagem aérea pela internet. "I'll book a flight online."
This is the most common way to book flights nowadays. Just go on your computer or even on your cell phone and you book your flight instead of going to the “travel agency”, uma agência de viagens. You can just book online. Comprar online or Comprar pela internet.
5. pedir férias "to request vacation time"
Quero pedir férias em dezembro pra viajar com toda a família. "I want to request my vacation for December to travel with all the family."
In Brazil, we have a whole month of vacations. So it’s enough time to go and visit another place, even another country or go visit your parents and spend a lot of time with your relatives. Yeah.
6. reservar um hotel "to book a hotel"
Você já reservou o hotel? "Did you already book the hotel?"
It’s very important to book a hotel especially in high seasons because if you just go there, it might not have availability in the hotel you want to go to. Yeah. So if you can book your hotel before going to the city.
7. renovar o seu passaporte "to renew your passport"
Ah, meu passaporte está vencido! Preciso renová-lo quanto antes. "Oh, my passport is expired! I need to renew it ASAP."
So if you’re traveling to another country, you need to make sure you have passport and that this passport still has at least six months I think of availability of time before it expires.
8. fazer as malas "to pack"
Você sempre demora muito pra fazer as malas. "You always take too long to pack."
I love this part. Fazer as malas. What I don’t like is the opposite. Desfazer as malas. To unpack. It’s so boring. I just like to go travel and not come back.
9. contratar um seguro de viagem "to buy travel insurance"
É obrigatório contratar um seguro de viagem internacional. "It's mandatory to buy international travel insurance."
It’s always a good idea to have your insurance. Just in case you know something happens, we hope it doesn’t but well, it’s a matter to be safe than sorry, right.
10. tirar o visto "to get a visa"
Pra viajar pra este país precisamos tirar o visto. "We need to get a visa to travel to this country."
Nowadays, we can just check on internet if you need a visa, if you’re going to Brazil or Portugal or Angola, Mozambique or any other country that speaks Portuguese and be sure to go to the consulate ahead of time so you have enough time to get your visa before travel.
O fim! The end. All for today. Thanks a lot for watching and let us know what is your favorite part of preparing for a trip. See you next time. Até mais! Tchau!

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