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Lesson Transcript

Boa tarde galera, tudo bom? Paloma here. Welcome to another Top Portuguese Words. Today’s theme is Top 10 Must-Know Vocabulary for the Restaurant.
1. garçom "waiter"
Queria fazer o pedido, mas o garçom está demorando tanto!
"I'd like to order, but the waiter is taking so long to serve us!"
If it is a female, that would be garçonete.
You can also use the word moço or moça to call their attention.
For example, ô moço! Or, garçom! Both are okay.
2. cardápio "menu"
Por favor, pode me trazer o cardápio? "Can you bring me the menu please? "
You can say before that - Moço! Garçom, você pode trazer o cardápio, por favor?
3. prato feito (PF) "set meal"
Humm... O que que eu como hoje? Acho que vou pedir um PF que sai mais barato. "Hmm...what should I eat today? I think I'll order a set meal since it's cheaper."
Prato feito (PF) or set meal is very common in Brazil, especially for example in the restaurants near business or schools which is like a set plate. So you can just eat quickly and go to your work or school. But it’s used at restaurants. For example, if you go to McDonald’s, we don’t order PF or prato feito, it’s usually called Combo. Prato Feitos usually have like rice, beans, kind of protein, usually beef and a salad. It’s so good, PF.
4. bem passado "well-done"
Gostaria da carne bem passada, por favor. "I'd like the steak well done, please."
Well, the opposite of bem passado would be mal passada. So, if you wanted rare, you would say, Mal passada, por favor.
5. acompanhamentos "side dishes"
Nossa, tem tantas opções de acompanhamentos que não sei o que pedir. "Wow, there are so many side dishes options that I can't decide what to order!"
What is your favorite side dish? I like purê de batata, “mashed potatoes”...
What else? Batata frita, of course, “French fries”.
Arroz à grega, which is like a Greek rice which is a rice with a lot of vegetables. Yeah, it’s also very good.
6. água "water"
Pode me trazer uma água com gás, por favor? "Could you bring me a sparkling water, please?"
Okay. So just remember that if you say just água they will probably bring you normal water and if you say água com gás, that would be “sparkling water”.
7. por quilo "by kilo"
Como eu como pouco, eu prefiro ir num restaurante por quilo. "Since I don't eat much, I prefer to go to a per-kilo restaurant."
So per-kilo restaurants are very common in Brazil. It’s a kind of buffet and you just go and grab whatever you want to eat and then you are going to weight your plate and whatever is the weight is going to be how much you pay for it.
So if you eat a lot, usually it’s not a good deal but if you eat very little, it’s usually a good deal because it’s not going to pay for a full set menu if you don’t eat everything. So you can just grab whatever you want.
For example, if you are on a diet and you are hanging out with your friends, and you are just going to eat some salads, it’s very good because you don’t need to order you know a whole piece of meat and donate it. You can just grab your salads and weight it and eat it.
Restaurante por quilo.
Another option would be restaurante self-service, which you pay a price and then you can just eat as much as you want at the buffet.
8. restaurante "restaurant"
Conheço um restaurante de comida italiana ótimo por aqui. Você vai adorar! "I know a great Italian restaurant around here. You'll love it!"
So we have restaurantes which is restaurants. We also have lanchonete which are like a snack restaurants.
And then we have like specific places, pizzaria, “pizza restaurant”; pastelaria, “a restaurant that only serves pastel; churrascaria, which only serves churrasco or Brazilian barbeque.
9. delicioso "delicious"
Este pudim está delicioso! Acho que vou pedir mais um pedaço. "This pudding is delicious! I think I'll order one more slice."
Humm, tá delicioso!
Or you can also say - Tá maravilhoso! “It’s marvelous!”
10. conta "bill"
Pode trazer a conta, por favor? "Can I have the bill please?" or “Can you bring me the bill please?”
Bill can be used at the restaurant bill but you can also use it for other types of bills.
For example, conta de luz, the electricity bill, conta de água, the water bill, conta de gás, maybe, “gas bill”. There’re so many conta, so many bills.
Okay. That’s all for today. Thanks a lot for watching. I hope you enjoyed it. And let us know in the comments what is your favorite type of Brazilian restaurants. See you next time. Tchau tchau!


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Hi Stephen,

"medium-rare" would be the meat cooked to a point between "rare" ("malpassado") and "medium" ("ao ponto”).

Therefore we can say: "um pouco malpassado".

For example: "bife um pouco malpassado" (medium-rare steak)

Hope this helps! In case of any questions, please feel free to contact us.



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Stephen Peckhover
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What's the best way to say "medium-rare"? I'm leaning towards 'no ponto', but I might want to use 'meio raro'.