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Lesson Transcript

Ei, gente! Paloma here. Welcome to another Top Portuguese Words. Today’s topic is 10 Must Know Math Words!
Matemática "math"
Did you like matemática when you were kids or now when you are studying? Let us know.
1. dúzia "dozen"
Eu comprei uma dúzia de banana na feira ontem. "I bought a dozen bananas at the farmer's market yesterday."
It’s very common to use dúzia or dozen in Brazil especially at the feira, the farmer’s market which happens like every day of the week usually in the morning in a certain place of each city.
For example, bananas we buy by the dozen. What else? Especially bananas, I don’t know why.
2. número "number"
Para ser engenheiro você precisa gostar de números. "To be an engineer, you need to like numbers."
Well, that’s true. I like numbers but not that much to become an engineer. So well, I just like math but not you know if calculating all day.
You can also say numero to ask someone else’s phone.
Você pode me passar o seu número?
“Can you give me your number?” Or “Can you give me your phone number?”
3. metade "half"
Está tudo pela metade do preço! "Everything is half the price!"
Wow! Yeah that’s like a girl’s dream to go to a store.
Tudo estár pela metade do preço! "Everything is half the price!"
4. por cento "percent"
Essa calça tem 30% de desconto. "These pants are 30% off."
This is how we say percent off in Portuguese. The number trinta, percent, por cento, de desconto, of discount.
5. par "even"
Os números pares são dois, quatro, seis, oito... "The even numbers are two, four, six, eight..."
Par also means pair. So, a pair of shoes, um par de sapatos. But it means even. Número par, even number.
6. ímpar "odd"
Os números ímpares são um, três, cinco, sete... "The odd numbers are one, three, five, seven..."
So when you are trying to decide something, you can play par ou impar, which in English is “odd or even”. Par ou impar. There is also jokempô but it’s from Japanese origin.
7. mais "plus"
Sete mais cinco é igual a doze. "Seven plus five equals twelve."
Well, as I am sure you know, mais also means more. So you can say,
Eu quero mais. “I want more.”
Um mais um é dois. “One plus one is two.”
O sinal de mais. “The Plus sign.”
8. menos "minus"
Nós usamos o sinal menos (-) para fazer uma subtração. "We use the minus sign (-) to do subtraction."
You know that phrase, “More is less”; in Portuguese, that would be, Mais é menos. So menos also means “less” and mais, “more”. Don’t forget it.
9. vezes "times"
"Duas vezes" é a mesma coisa que o "dobro." Two times" is the same as "double." Especially if you just started learning Portuguese, sometimes it can be hard to remember those words. Dobro, triplo, quadruplo, quintuplo. So you can just say duas vezes, tres vezes, quatro vezes which is much easier to remember.
10. dividir "to divide"
Preciso dividir essa torta em dez pedaços. "I need to divide this tart into ten slices."
Dividir can also mean share. So, you can say - Eu vou dividir o meu lanche com voce. “I can share my snack with you.” Or Dividir, “to divide”.
Dividir um pedaço de pão. “To divide a piece of bread, a loaf of bread.”
Okay. That’s all for today. Thanks a lot for listening. See you next time, até a próxima. Tchau!

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