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Lesson Transcript

Bom dia, gente! Tudo bom? Paloma here. Welcome to Top Portuguese Words.
Today's topic is: How to respond to "How are you?"
Tudo bem? How are you?
I think you already know that "tudo bem" can be the question and also the answer.
Tudo bem? Tudo bem.
Oi, tudo bem? Tudo bem. E você?
E aí, beleza? Hey, what's up?
"Beleza" means beauty, but in this case, I think it means more like "everything's beautiful with you". You can also answer "beleza". This is very casual, so it's best to avoid it in a more formal or business situation.
E você? And you?
Of course, if someone asks you, "E aí, beleza?" or "tudo bem?", it's common courtesy to also ask them, "E você?"
Tudo ótimo. Everything is great.
If you don't want to answer the same way as the question, "tudo bem? Tudo bem.", you can also say, "tudo ótimo". Everything is great.
Eu estou bem. I'm fine.
That's another option. "Bem" means "well" in Portuguese or "fine".
Eu estou bem também. I'm fine too.
So if you say, "eu estou bem. E você?", the person can answer, "eu estou bem também". I'm also fine.
Então tá bom. Then it's all good.
It's very common to say after all these steps, "então tá bom". Then it's all good.
Oi, tudo bom? Tudo bem. E você?
Tudo bem. Ah, então tá bom.
Eu estou me sentindo mal. I'm feeling bad.
Tudo bem? No, tô me sentindo mal. No, I'm feeling bad. Maybe I ate something that wasn't good.
Eu estou ótima. I'm great.
Oi, tudo bom? Como você tá? How are you?
Eu estou ótima. I'm great.
Obrigada por perguntar. Thank you for asking.
If you want to be very polite, you can say "Obrigada por perguntar" or "Obrigado por perguntar". Thank you for asking.
The end. That's it for today.
Tudo bem com você? How are you? Let us know in the comments below.
See you next time. Bye bye.