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Lesson Transcript

Oi gente, tudo bom? Paloma here. Today’s topic is top 10 phrases for bad students.
1. colar numa prova “to cheat on a test”
Na escola eu não colava, eu passava cola. “At school I didn't cheat, I would give them the answers.”
2. dormir na sala de aula “to sleep in class”
Some teachers prefer bad students to go to sleep instead of disturbing the lessons.
Ele só ficava quieto quando ele dormir na sala de aula. “He was quiet, only when he was sleeping in class.”
3. faltar à aula “to skip class”
Some bad students would also just don’t go to school and faltar à aula “skip class”.
Eu tava doente hoje e tive que faltar à aula. “I was sick today and I had to skip classes.”
4. não fazer a lição de casa “to not do homework”
Eu não fiz a lição de casa, mas eu copiei do meu amigo. “I didn't do the homework, but I copied it from my friend.”
5. procrastinar “to procrastinate”
If you’re “a lazy person” uma pessoa folgada, you probably procrastinate a lot of things.
Ele adora procrastinar as coisas. “He loves to procrastinate things.”
6. reprovar uma matéria “to fail a class”
So if you got a good mark, you will passar de ano “pass the year / go to next year” and if you don’t, you will reprovar “reprove or fail”.
Não teve jeito, ele foi reprovado naquela aula. “There was no way he failed that class.”
7. começar uma briga “to start a fight”
Usually, bad students will start fights, but they also do a lot of pranks at school and they become very popular because of all of that.
Aquele menino sempre se mete numa briga! “That boy always involves himself in a fight.”
8. matador de aula “truant”
So you can skip a class and matar aula, but if you do that all the time would be a matador de aula “a truant”.
Ele matava muita aula, daí ele reprovou. “He skipped a lot of classes, and then he failed.”
9. plágio “plagiarism”
Plágio is a very serious issue especially on universities because when you’re writing your TCC or your thesis, it has to be your own ideas and thoughts. You can’t copy it from someone else.
O plágio é proibido nessa faculdade. “Plagiarism is prohibited at this university.”
10. não seguir as regras “to not follow rules”
In schools, there are many rules, but bad students will just prefer not to follow them and “do whatever they want” o que eles quiserem.
Ele odeia seguir as regras. Sempre faz o que quer. “He hates following the rules, he always do what he wants.”
O fim. “The end.” That’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you enjoyed this lesson. Don’t be a bad student and leave your comment below. See you next time. Tchau-tchau!