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Lesson Transcript

Oi gente, tudo bom? How are you? Paloma here! Our topic today is top 10 Brazilian foods.
1. acarajé “acarajé”
Acarajé is a deep-fried pastry with some fillings that are usually hot, very spicy.
O acarajé é o prato típico da Bahia. “Acarajé is the typical dish of Bahia state”
2. baião de dois “baião de dois”
Baião de dois is a very common dish and a mixed beans and rice and cooked meats. It’s very delicious, you should try it.
O prato do dia é baião de dois. “Today's dish is baião de dois.”
3. brigadeiro “brigadeiro”
It’s a candy made of condensed milk with chocolates and it’s super delicious, super sweet. It’s a must have in birthdays in Brazil.
Nós fizemos dois centos de brigadeiro para o aniversário. “We made 200 brigadeiros for the birthday.”
4. churrasco “barbecue”
Brazilian barbecue is very simple. We usually just put some salt on it and put on the grill. You can also go to Brazilian barbecue houses that are called churrascaria.
Nós fomos na churrascaria ontem à noite e comemos demais. “We went to the barbecue house yesterday and we ate a lot.”
5. doce de abóbora “pumpkin jam”
In Brazil, there are many kind of sweets not made of chocolate. For example, pumpkin sweets, papaya sweets. There’s also coconuts that we use a lot. If you don’t like chocolate, you probably like a lot of those kinds of sweets.
Nós compramos doce de abóbora para comer com queijo branco. “We bought pumpkin jam to eat with white cheese.”
6. feijoada “feijoada”
Feijoada is one of the most traditional dishes in Brazil. It’s kind of a stew made of beans and meat; for example, sausages, bacon and cured meats and we usually eat with rice, white rice, and kale. Also sometimes, we add some orange slices and farofa. Farofa is kind of a flower made of manioc (cassava). It’s a very strong dish so you shouldn’t eat before a meeting or something important because you’ll be very, very sleepy after that.
Sábado vai ter uma feijoada deliciosa lá em casa. “On Saturday, there's going to be a very delicious feijoada at home.”
7. paçoca “paçoca”
Pacoca is a sweet made of peanuts. It’s usually cylinder shape or rectangular shape.
Nós comemos muita paçoca na época de festa junina. “We eat a lot of paçoca during June Saints' time.”
8. pastel “pastel”
Pastel is a deep-fried pastry filled with whatever you want. It could be meat, it could be chicken, it could be pizza that we coat with cheese with tomato or cheese with ham or even banana with chocolate. Yeah, you choose.
Eu comi pastel com caldo de cana hoje. “I ate a pastel with a sugar cane drink today.”
In street markets, it’s very common to eat pastel and sugarcane drink which is the juice made from the sugarcane.
9. queijo de minas “minas cheese”
Minas states has many kinds of cheeses and the most famous one is the queijo de minas which is also called queijo branco “white cheese”. You can use it with several things like in a sandwich with ham, but you can also use it with sweet things, for example with doce de leite. It’s a sweet made of milk or goiabada jam. It’s very, very delicious.
Eu vou comer Romeu e Julieta, que é goiabada com queijo minas. “I'll eat "Romeo and Juliet," which is guava jam with minas cheese.”
10. quindim “quindim”
Quindim is a sweet basically made of egg yolk, a lot of sugar and coconut. It’s very sweet and I really like it, but it’s full of calories so you can just try one or two.
O quindim da minha vó é maravilhoso! “My grandma's quindim is marvellous!”
Okay, that’s it for today. I hope you liked our lesson and I hope you’ll try all these Brazilian dishes. Let us know which one is your favorite. See you next time! Tchau-tchau!

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