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Lesson Transcript

E aí gente, tudo bom? Paloma here. Welcome to Top 10 Happy Words.
1. feliz “happy”
I used to have a dog and I called her “Happy”. That would be feliz.
Eu estou muito feliz hoje. “I'm very happy today.”
2. bonito “beautiful”
If you call someone bonito or bonita, there will be no way they will be sad. Of course they will be happy.
Você é tão bonita quando você sorri! “You're so beautiful when you smile!”
3. gostar “to like”
You can “like things”, gostar de coisas. but you can also “like people”, gostar de pessoas.
Eu gosto muito dele. “I really like him.”
4. ótimo “great”
We use this word all the time. You can say
Nossa, que ótima ideia! “Wow, what a great idea!”
Or just Que ótimo! “That's great!”
5. amar “to love”
So if you love someone and you want to make him or her happy, don’t forget to always tell them that you love them.
Eu te amo. “I love you.”
Eu amo vocês! “I love you all!”
6. engraçado “funny”
Another way to make people happy is to show them funny things. For example
um vídeo engraçado “a funny video” or also uma piada “a joke” which is
Muito engracado! “Very funny!”.
7. rir “to laugh”
Rir means to laugh and you can also say gargalhada which is “to laugh it out loud”. You know you can’t control your laughing.
A gente riu muito com aquele vídeo! “We laughed a lot with that video!”
8. amável “kind”
Se você for amável com alguém, ele vai ser amável com você.
“If you're kind to someone, they'll be kind to you, too.”
9. animado “excited”
Eu estou muito animada! O meu aniversário é semana que vem!
“I'm so excited! My birthday is next week!”
10. orgulhoso “proud”
Os meus pais têm muito orgulho de mim.
“My parents are very proud of me.”
That’s it for today, the end! Thanks a lot for watching and I hope you enjoyed it. Which words make you happy? Let us know in the comments! See you next time! Tchau, tchau!


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Which word do you like the most?

Wednesday at 8:36 pm
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Hi Miemie,

Thank you for your message!

Just a minor correction:

"Desejo a vocês (...)" or "Desejo-lhes"

Looking forward to seeing you often here.:)



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Tudo bem?

A minha palavra favorita é amar, porque sem amor, este mundo seria um lugar muito aborrecido!

Desejo-os um dia muito feliz!