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Lesson Transcript

Top 10 Reasons to Learn Portuguese
Oi gente! Hi everyone! Paloma here. Today we’re going to learn Top 10 Reasons to Learn Portuguese
1. A minha família vem de um lugar onde este idioma é falado. "My family comes from a place where the language is spoken."
So if you’re family comes from Brazil or Portugal, or Mozambique and Angola you might know some Portuguese, and that’s the reason you want to learn Portuguese. You could also say…
Eu estou aprendendo português porque todo mundo na minha família fala. "I'm learning Portuguese because everyone in my family also speaks it."
2. É parte dos meus estudos na faculdade. "It’s part of my University studies."
If you’re getting a degree in languages, in Portuguese we say “Letras” (or “letters”).
Eu estou estudando Letras: português e inglês. "I’m learning languages: Portuguese and English."
3. Esse idioma é útil no meu trabalho. "The language is useful for my job."
Many international companies have business with Latin America, and the difficulty is because all around Latin America people speak Spanish and only Brazil speaks Portuguese. So you might need Portuguese actually to negotiate with your Brazilian clients.
Eu tive que aprender português pra fechar um negócio. "I had to learn Portuguese to close a deal."
4. Eu adoro viajar. "I love traveling."
I think this is the nicest reason because you learn the language then you’ve got to use it in the country. If you’re planning to travel around Brazil or even Latin America you might want to learn a little Portuguese, just so, you know, be able to walk around Brazilian cities.
Eu adoro viajar e mês que vem eu vou para o Brasil. "I love traveling, and next month I’m going to Brazil."
5. Eu moro do lado de um país que fala essa língua. "I live next to a country speaking that language."
So in Brazil, that case it would be Spanish-speaking countries, like Argentina, or Bolivia, or Uruguay… Especially in the borders between the countries it’s very common for people to speak Portuguese and also Spanish.
Eu falo português porque eu sempre vou pra lá. Fica perto de onde eu moro. "I speak Portuguese because I always go there. It’s near where I live."
6. Eu moro em um país que fala o idioma. "I live in a country that speaks the language."
If you’re coming to Brazil and you don’t want to learn Portuguese, you may also end up learning Portuguese, because people are so friendly, and specially if you’re foreigner they’ll always want to speak with you, and teach you a little Portuguese.
Especially nice phrases, and, you know, these kind of expressions we use a lot in Brazil.
Eu moro no Brasil há três anos e falo português fluentemente. "I’ve been living in Brazil for three years now, and I speak Portuguese fluently."
7. Eu quero conversar com a família do meu companheiro na língua deles. "I want to speak to my partner’s family in their language."
So if you marry a Brazilian woman or Brazilian man, you might need to learn Portuguese because their family will be so curious about you, and you’ll have to explain so much things that if you don’t speak the language, it’ll be a little hard to talk to them.
Eu fui pra casa da família do meu esposo e eles ficaram me ensinando português. "I went to my husband’s family house, and they were teaching me Portuguese."
8. Eu quero entender as minhas músicas, filmes e programas de TV favoritos. "I want to understand my favorite songs, movies and TV shows."
If you like bossa nova, or samba, for example, it’ll be so much nicer to know the language, to understand everything the singer is talking about.
Eu assisti Tropa de Elite em português e entendi tudinho. "I watched Elite Squad in Portuguese and understood everything."
9. Eu estou aprendendo o idioma para impressionar alguém. "I’m learning the language to impress someone."
Usually you’ll do that for your girlfriend or boyfriend. And I think Portuguese is a very romantic language.
Eu estou aprendendo português para poder me declarar pra ele. "I’m learning Portuguese to be able to say my love for him."
10. É um idioma lindo! "It’s a beautiful language!"
One of the most beautiful parts of Brazilian Portuguese is the different accents, and also all the expressions we have to say different things.
Eu adoro ouvir música em português. É uma língua tão linda! "I love hearing songs in Portuguese. It’s such a beautiful language!"
Okay, o fim! The end! That’s it for today. Thanks a lot for watching, and I hope to see you in our next video! Bye bye, tchau!


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Eu tenho que aprender portugues porque é útil no meu trabalho. É um idioma lindo também! Eu sou professora de inglês e tenho muitos alunos brasileiros.👍

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