PortuguesePod101 All About Curriculum 

In this set of 15 lessons, you will learn all about the society and culture of Brazil. These lessons are entirely in English and are for those who want to learn more about the Portuguese language and in-depth information about the country where it is spoken.

Lesson Title/Topic Function Summary Cultural Insight
#1 Top 5 Reasons to Study Portuguese! Talking about the Portuguese language and Portugese speaking countries Background of the Portuguese Language, About Portugal and Brazil, Where Portuguese is Spoken, Writing System and Pronunciation, Important facts none
#2 Cracking the Portuguese Writing System! Talking about the Portuguese Writing System Alphabet, Accent marks none
#3 Painless Portuguese Grammar! Talking about the Portuguese Grammar History of Grammar Verbs, Time and Person, Added meaning, Gender, Plural none
#4 Portuguese Pronunciation Made EASY! Talking about the characteristics of Portuguese Pronunciation Pronunciation of Five vowels and consonants none
#5 5 Most Important Phrases for Learning Portuguese! Using the top 5 must-know phrases in Portuguese Thank you, Hello, No Thank you, Please, Excuse me, I'm sorry none
#6 Can You Answer These 5 Questions About Brazil? Testing your knowledge of Brazil Geography, Pop Culture, Travel, Economics, Perspective Check, Myth Buster none
#7 Top 5 Brazilian Dishes! Talking about famous Brazilian dishes Popular Food Items, Seasonal Dishes, Table Etiquette, The Top 5 Brazilian Dishes, Top 5 Foods for the Brave none
#8 Top 5 Things You Need to Know about Brazilian Society Talking about daily life and society in Brazil Major Cities, Contradictions in Brazilian Cities, Family Life, Work Culture and Economy none
#9 Top 5 Important Dates During the Calendar Year! Understanding important holidays IndependĂȘncia do Brasil, Natal, Ano Novo, Carnaval, Copa do Mundo none
#10 Top 5 Pop Culture Things/Icons You Need to Know About! Top 5 Brazil Pop Culture Things You Need to Know Popular TV channels, Popular Brazilians Abroad, Popular Music, Popular Sports,International Pop Culture none
#11 Top 5 Tools for Learning Portuguese Using the top 5 helpful tools to learn Portuguese Entertainment, Dictionary, Portuguese-Speaking Friends and Loved Ones, Social Networking, Pen and Paper none
#12 Top 5 Mistakes You Should Never Make! Learning 5 language mistakes to avoid in Portuguese Don't Talk Fast, Don't Just Add -o or -a at the End of English Words, Learn basic conjugations, Learn the Pronunciation Now, Watch Out for Open and Closed Vowels none
#13 Top 5 Phrases Your Teacher Will Never Teach You! Learning Portuguese phrases you won't learn in the classroom Wait a minute, What's going on?, Poor thing, Speak seriously, what's up? none
#14 Top 5 Classroom Phrases! Learning Portuguese phrases useful for the classroom What means, Please open your books, I didn't understand, One more Time, Understood? none
#15 Top 5 Pet Phrases from the Teachers! Learning the favorite Portuguese phrases of the hosts How are you doing?, I'm Good, Where is, Therefore it is, Isn't it? none