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Lesson Transcript

Ei, gente! How are you? I am Paloma. Eu sou Paloma. Welcome to another Top Portuguese Words. Today’s topic is, Top 10 Most Common Tourist Vocabulary.
Are you ready for traveling? Você está pronto para viajar? Let’s do it!
1. passagem "ticket"
Precisamos comprar as passagens de ônibus para a viagem. "We need to buy the bus tickets for the trip."
Passagem is usually referring to a bus or a train ticket and if you are talking about an entrance ticket, we say entrada.
2. turista "tourist"
Esta praia é a preferida dos turistas. "This beach is tourists' favorite one."
Although turista ends in a, you can use it both for male and female. O turista and a turista.
3. guia de viagem "guidebook"
É melhor comprar um guia de viagem pra escolher os lugares que você quer visitar. "It's better to buy a guidebook to choose the places you want to visit."
If you don’t want to buy a guidebook, you can also search on the internet and find the places you want to go visit. But it’s always good to have it written down so in case you get lost, you can just ask someone and you have it written so that person can also read it in case they need.
4. templo "temple"
Este templo é belíssimo! "This temple is so beautiful!"
Don’t confuse templo with tempo. Templo is temple and tempo is weather or time.
Temos tempo para ir no templo? “Do you have time to go to the temple?”
5. mesquita "mosque"
Hoje vamos visitar a Mesquita do Brás. Quer vir com a gente? "Today we're going to visit Brás mosque. Would you like to come with us?"
We don’t have many mosques in Brazil but yes, we have a few if you want to visit. And also mesquita is a common surname in Brazil.
6. igreja "church"
Escolhi um roteiro para conhecermos as igrejas de Ouro Preto. "I chose a tour for us to visit Ouro Preto's churches."
Ouro Preto is a city in Minas Gerais state and it’s very famous for its colonial churches and historical buildings. Also, it’s very nice to go there during carnival season.
7. cachoeira "waterfall"
É uma delícia tomar banho de cachoeira. Você tem que ir com a gente! "It's delightful to take a natural shower at the waterfall. You have to go with us!"
I think you can find waterfalls almost everywhere in Brazil. In Sao Paulo state, we have a lot of waterfalls, yeah, so many sites.
And it’s very common to tomar banho de cachoeira. That means, to shower at the waterfall but actually it means “to swim at the waterfall.”
8. excursão "tour"
Você também vai na excursão pra Paraty? "Are you going on the tour to Paraty too?"
Excursão can be sightseeing tour and it can also be a school tour.
You know, uma excursão para o museu, “a tour to the museum” while you are at school. And Paraty is a very nice city in Rio state that is very worth visiting.
9. guia "guide"
Já sei falar bem português. Não vou precisar de guia quando visitar o Brasil.
“I already speak Portuguese well. I won't need a guide when I visit Brazil."
That will be so awesome if you are able to say that but if you don’t, don’t worry. You can just say,
Eu preciso de um guia em inglês. “I need an English guide.”
10. ônibus turístico "tour bus"
Vamos fazer um passeio com este ônibus turístico? Eles já têm um percurso planejado e vamos visitar vários lugares legais. "Shall we take this tour bus? They already have a planned route, and we will visit many nice places."
Some cities like Curitiba have also the city tour bus that you can use to visit the most special places in the city.
For example, if you go to Curitiba, you can’t miss Opera de arame and Jardim Botanico besides many other nice parks they have in there.
Acabou! The end. Thanks a lot for watching and let us know in the comments the words you already know in Portuguese for traveling and the words you don’t know and want to learn. Até a próxima! Tchau-tchau!